Wooden cake stands DIY

Materials and tools:

  • thick branches;
  • chainsaw;
  • sandpaper;
  • natural wood oil (wax);
  • glue.

Step 1. Prepare a tree cut down. You can buy ready-saw cut on the Internet, in a building supermarket, store with goods for crafts. If you have a forest nearby, you can take a walk with to find fallen (not rotten!) tree and saw the log into several parts. Think carefully about how the stand will look, or according to the found materials.

If the tree has recently fallen and still green - saw cut should be left to dry in the sun. If the tree is sufficiently dry, the well-craft it with sandpaper. You can remove the bark or leave it. But if you decide to leave, make sure that there is no bug, as well as take care of that there is no tar.

Step 2. Handle the cut surface with a natural, environmentally-friendly oil or the wax.

Step 3. Apply glue on a clean ground surface saw cut, leave on for 5-10 minutes (or follow the instructions of the glue), then press the bonding surfaces well and place them in a vise. You can simply press it well with heavy books or dumbbells.

Step 4. Enjoy!


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