DIY shelves for home

Once a person comes into any living room, the first thing he needed - a place for shoes. Here's how to make your own hands shelf for shoes.

Shoe shelves are usually made of wood. The simplest shelf - two or three or four long boards connected with bars (uprights, sides). For example, as in the photo.

The shape and size of such shelves may be different. It all depends on the size and style of the hall.

The material - natural wood or sawn billets of sheets of plywood, chipboard.

In the case of the manufacture of chipboard shelves need to finish the edges and ends of the blanks- for this purpose, a special sale edging - plastic tape in different sizes and colors.

Another version of the wooden shelves - shelves of bars. The cross-section of their ranges from 16х40 to 25x50 mm. The size and configuration of the shelf itself can be very diverse. Shelves made of natural wood and bars are ideal for rooms in a simple rustic country style or retro.

Sometimes shelves made of metal wire. There is usually little difficulty arises. Typically, the shelves are made in the form of multiple lattice layers. Wire wherein either welded or interwoven, or is simply inserted into the slots of the side pieces. The entire structure is beautifully executed. There are many other options for the shelves of the most different materials - you just turn on your imagination.


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