Awesome handmade lamp for a garden

Here’s a quick master class, how to DIY wonderful lamp with the energy of the sun and matte decoupage glue! Handmade lamp will light your way even brighter only because it was done by your own hands! Believe me!

You’ll need:

-       glass jar with wide mouth;

-       mat glue for decoupage;

-       food coloring;

-       brush;

-       paper towel;

  -      garden lanterns with solar batteries.

First you need to prepare a mixture for coloring banks. Pour 2 cups of mat glue for decoupage on a plastic plate and add 5 - 7 drops (the larger droplets, the more intense will be the color) of food coloring. This mixture should be sufficient to cover the three jars. Stir everything using the brush.
Let the mixture stand for a few minutes and then start to decorate the jars. Take a paper towel, crumple it, put it into the mixture. Apply on the jar with a thick layer.

When the mixture dries, the jar will look very well, better than in the beginning.

Now it's time to do the lights. You will need a small garden lanterns with solar batteries. 

Once you have collected the lamp, wrap around its neck a wire, so the lamp can be hung.
It only remains to find a place for flashlights in your garden.


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