Bright kitchen decor DIY

Hi everyone! Today we would like to propose you some easy but nice and creative way to decorate your kitchen. Especially, your kitchenware! Abbigli proposing you to make it brighter, unusual and more beautiful!

This is an example how handmade work can easily be made even by those who don't really have some art skills. Because handmade is for everyone!

First take some wares (spatula for example) that you would like to transform and put an adhesive tape on it, just to make the whole work more accurate.

Put the tape around the spatula.

Decide on color. We took blue and added some white paint just to make it brighter.

Paint the end of your spatula.

Choose other colors for other tools. Play with edges. Use your imagination!

Quick video from Abbigli will show you how to make it by yourself. We are sure all of your family will love the new style of wares! Enjoy!


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