Preferable and enjoyable wife presents Most men mistakenly believe that picking gifts for wives is easy and simple: just go to the nearest store and buy something there. However, not everything that is sold in stores is a desirable present for wife. What are allowed gifts? 1. Far not all representatives of the beautiful sex will enjoy as a wife gift from her husband cosmetics - a cream for wrinkles, acne, deodorant, shampoos from dandruff and the like. Having received such a gifts for a wife, a woman is likely to be offended and lose confidence in what is attractive enough to her husband. 2. The best wives gifts will be a supposed surprise. You can find out in advance about your second half what she likes or what she dreams of, and then, based on her financial capabilities, to buy this gift-surprise. The flowers like any woman. But, better, if they become an addition to the main gift.