How to make a children’s table

A beautiful, useful and easy way to make your wife and children happy - is to make DIY table for your home. Here’s a small instruction which will help you understand step by step how to make a table by your own! Hope, you’ll like it!

What you’ll need:
• Board 20x95x2000 mm, 8 pcs
• Screws 35x3,8 mm, 75 pcs
• Varnish
• The saw or jigsaw
• Screwdriver
• Bits
• Drill
• Sandpaper or sander
• Brush
• Tatters

Step 1: Cutting the boards
• Bulletin 790 mm long, cut to 9 pieces – this will be the surface of the table and benches

• Support cross table, 4 pcs

• Support longitudinal table, 2 pcs

• Legs, 4 pieces

• Support benches, 2 pcs

Here's what happened.

Step 2: The support table
Select the better side and put the "good" side down on something soft. Twist the screws of the table stand.

Step 3: Table
Align the center board and screw it with two screws on each side. Then you can fasten the other. Make a gap between adjacent elements 5 mm.

Step 4: Legs
At this point, we fasten to our children's table legs. Perhaps it is not necessary to tighten all the screws once, try to turn the table leg and straighten it, then you can finally tighten the screws.
Step 5: Bench
Turn the table upside down. To fix the bench support will be convenient to use cutting boards, can be seen in the photo. Screw on the 4 screws to each of the legs.
Step 6: Lower ligament
Anchoring each side with trim boards using 2 screws.

Step 7: Finishing work
Once secured to the seat of our benches, it makes sense to carefully sand all. After that, it makes sense to blow the dust formed during grinding and cover all with varnish.


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