7 DIY ideas for home

Make your home incredible with your own hands. Here’s 7 ideas how to make your home cozy, beautiful and original-looking. Use them! They are very easy to DIY and you don’t need to spent money!

1.       Hide the router inside a book!

Everyone has a router. If it’s not good looking (as usual), you can take a book-cover and put the router inside it. Easy and beautiful!

2.       Make your bureau colorful!

Just paint with different colors side walls of its shelves and you see how new it will look :)

3.       Original curtains

Use ropes instead of rings for curtains to refresh them.

4.       Don’t hesitate to use lights even if Christmas has already gone. They can always bring you joy!

5.       Bright colors on your wall

This idea is really beautiful but you should work on it. Take sheets of different color and different size to create such a wall.

6.       Put glasses upside down and use them for candles

7.       Organize your working place

You can sew some pockets to a blanket for your stuff!


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