Sleeping mask with your own hands

Doctors all around the world already proved that healthy and full-fledged sleep is only possible when it’s totally dark around you. But it’s not that easy to organize it sometimes. There are cases when your house is located on a light side. Or when you’re on your way to other town in train, plane or bus. Or you’re sleeping not alone and other person needs more light in your bedroom. Cases could be different. But what can really help you – is a sleeping mask! And if you are a fan of handmade stuff, this article will show you how to make eye cover for sleeping with your own hands! DIY sleeping eye mask will help you to get enough sleep at any time of the day, relieve tension from the eyes, which are tired of working with computer. And the mask for sleep could be a small first step to a healthy sleep and a great mood throughout the day. 

  DIY sleep mask will look like a special bandage on the eyes of a lightproof material, made in the form of glasses. Your DIY sleep mask for rest can be any in variety of colors and configurations. It can be a conventional dressing or an original product decorated with rhinestones, lace, embroidery or beads. This accessory can be made of various synthetic materials of flax or cotton, but the most popular are products made of natural silk. Such a sleep mask diy will not only give you a full rest, but also smooth facial wrinkles and prevent the appearance of deep wrinkles during rest. Many movie and pop stars who carefully monitor their appearance have long given their preference to silk bandages for sleeping.

Interesting fact! In these products are often added a variety of fillers that have a positive effect on humans. For example, if you are concerned about the tension on your eyes or if you suffer from hypertension, the cedar filler will help you. Fillers from cotton seeds, lavender etc. are also very popular.

How to make a sleep mask?

Here you can see step-by-step instruction about how to make your own sleep mask.

The standard size of this accessory is 19 x9.5 cm. In order to sew diy eye mask for sleeping you will need the following materials:

  • a natural dark-colored cloth for the inside of the sleep mask diy;
  • the fabric to your taste for the outside of the mask. We took the same fabric as for the inner side - a black staple made of cotton and viscose;
  • medium-fleece dressing to give the mask a slightly elastic form;
  • an elastic band or an elastic braid;
  • material for edges;
  • material for decorating the mask. We decided to use fragments of lace fabric to make one of the masks more girlish, but it can be anything to your taste: embroidery, applique, beads.

Stages of master class how to make eye mask for sleeping will help you along the way!

1. Pattern stage

When all the materials are prepared, you can start making the product. To do this, on the folded paper, draw the patterns of the future accessory. As a result, you will get patterns, the axis of which will pass along the bridge of the nose.

Draw the patterns of masks on paper folded in half (a mirror image is obtained). We measured the width of the "average" face and the height of the bridge of the nose.

Tip! To make the whole process lighter and to show you how to make a sleep mask easy we suggest to print the pattern, not to draw. The result will look more accurate and you will be sure that made everything correct.

2. Cut the fabric

We copy patterns on a fabric, folded in two layers and cut out the parts without allowances for seams - we obtained two identical details of black fabric for each of the masks. We cut out one piece of nonwoven for each mask.

3. Making a mask of pattern

We place the patterns of the original mask as follows: the inside of the mask (face down), a pattern of nonwoven, the outer side of the mask (face up). We fasten the layers with pins or thread. For a rubber band, cut out a rectangle measuring 55x14 cm. Sew it along the long side, turn out and iron, placing the seam in the middle of the element, then detach the crochet to place the gum, and thread it.

4. How to make sleep mask for girls

We decorate the mask with fragments cutted from the lace fabric, sewing them with thin white threads to the top of the glasses, folded with non-woven fabric. We fasten the pins or sweep all three layers of the "female" mask, not forgetting the elastic band that we take to the edges of the internal pattern of the glasses, combining the edges.

5. How to sew a sleep mask using the machine

Bind the edges of the masks oblique bye.

Tip! If your sewing machine does not have a special perimeter foot, we suggest to first sew the oblique bake and then sew it on the sewing machine.

6. Final stage

Remove the marking stitches, and your sleeping mask DIY is ready! Now you can collect the mask. The ready-made elastic band must be inserted into the edges of the mask and stitched along the intended line, leaving a small hole on top to turn the finished product.

A ready-made accessory also  can be decorated as you please. You can decorate it with lace, previously collected on a sewing machine. Such a lace ribbon will be enough to sew on the edge of the product to give it a unique tenderness and romance. In addition, for decoration you can use all sorts of beads, applications, ribbons and much more.

Hope now, after our article you have learned how to make an eye mask for sleeping, saw that it is not so hard as it can be seemed and you will sew it for yourself or for a present. And enjoy a nice, healthy sleep. Good luck!


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