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How to build a fire pit with rocks?

Each of us dreams of a successful arrangement of a country house. It should be everything, starting with plants, and ending with all sorts of sculptures, statues, and figures. The cell did not become an exception, set it up at the site that everyone dreams.

When there is a stone fire pit - this place is a real treasure. Especially in cool summer evenings. Here, near it, you can sit longer, admire the starry sky, and listen to the singing of the night birds and throwing frogs in the next pond, relax from the day's troubles and enjoy the calm and silence. And how good is to put a rocking chair, take a book in your hands and sit by the fire, or just look at the fire and give in to your dreams or gather your friends into one of the quiet summer evenings, inspired by the wonderful aromas of flowers.

However, it should not be forgotten that you have created DIY stone fire pit not only for aesthetics, but it should be completely safe for you and your neighbors.

Several steps for creating

Step 1

The first thing to do is to determine the place in the garden where you want to build this thing. It is desirable that there were no buildings and structures near.

Step 2

It is necessary to note the place where the pit will be located, to determine its size. Determine where will be the center. Then, with the help of a stick and a sufficiently strong rope of half the diameter of the circle, draw it. If the diameter of the circle is 90 cm, then the tightly stretched rope should have a size of 45 cm. Mark its outline with paint-spray. This will be the size of your pit.

Step 3

Dig a pit inside (9 centimeters depth). Pour the gravel and a few centimeters of sand on a layer of gravel. Create a fire barrier that will intercept the heat.

Step 4

Think about the stone fire pit design. Create walls around the fire, laying them with stones, brick or concrete blocks. You shouldn’t buy a brick with cavities, it is better to use a garden brick or stone. The first row is stacked dry, without using the solution. With such a stack there is no need to break the brick and it will be easier to fit the following rows.

Prepare the solution for the following rows in advance. Its composition is prepared from an equal amount of quenched lime and cement plus three particles of sand and water until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

Step 5

Put all subsequent rows so that stones or bricks are shifted to a half-brick or half-stone to the side. The walls near the pit must be straight. Align them with building levels.

Step 6

Place a paved area around a built-in grill, so as not to destroy the lawn and fulfill the safety requirements. It will look aesthetically pleasing. You should also create a certain safety zone, preferably 1 meter and sprinkle it with sand or gravel.

So at the end…

Now you found out how to build a stone fire pit. You can choose the quiet and calm place for it, somewhere in the depths of the garden. The place for a fire is a convenient area for rest. And do not forget about the precautions and security measures. Do not place a fire in the place near objects that can quickly ignite. This place will become a wonderful center of gravity for all residents of the country.

If you are not a great connoisseur of open space or a large fireplace with an open flame, then you can stop choosing to set up a mobile bowl for fire, without additional installation. Round, square, stone, concrete, brick or other places for the fire will always be popular in your place. It can be placed in any plot design.

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