DIY figures from balloons

Balloons will make any festive event unforgettable, so making handmade composition of balls in the form of figures of animals or plants can create special mood and amazing atmosphere.

Or you can surprise a loved one with a bunch of flowers from balloons or a great cartoon hero. In order to make original figures DIY from balloons just follow the step-by-step instructions and repeat them with the help of a photo. 

Types of balloons which you can use to make handmade figures balloons

1) Latex balloons. This is one of the most common types of balloons that have found application in aerodisign. Their surface can be matte, glossy, with gold or silver shine. 

2) Milar or foil. Helium lasts up to 3 weeks. Crafts made of foil balls are more durable. 

3) Plastic balls are made of a special hypoallergenic material and are widely used by designers for decorations. 

If you decide to make a flower or an animal, then you will need ordinary latex balls. They can be of different sizes and shapes, so choose them according to your own idea. 

How to make a dog from a balloon handmade

Take a long latex ball. Before you inflate it, lightly pull the tip. Inflate these balls with a pump, because they are quite tight. Don't inflate it completely. When you twist the figure, the air should be evenly distributed around the ball, if there is no room, then your craft will simply burst. Start twisting the ball from the bottom. Make three torsion so that you get three "sausages". Now you need to make a dog's face out of them. To do this, twist one of the "sausages". Then you'll have to twist the ball twice to form the dog's paws. 

Make a "sausage" for the body, and then two more for the second pair of paws. It only remains to make a tail and your dog is ready. 

A dog from balloons will cause a lot of enthusiastic emotions in your child and will become a good alternative to purchased toys. 

Elephant of balloons handmade 

In order to make an elephant, you will also need a long balloon. Make three torsion so that the same "sausages" are obtained. For the elephant, make them a bit wider. After that, the second "sausage" bend in half and twist. You will have one ear of an elephant. Similarly, make one more ear of the elephant. 

After that, you need to form a small head, and then two front paws. Make the body of an elephant and two more paws. We'll only make a small tail and the elephant is ready. Curl the trunk and give the hobby to someone you want to cheer up. 

How to make an octopus from long balls handmade

If you like big crafts, then try to make an octopus. To do this you will need several balls of different colors. Take one round medium-sized ball that will act as the body of an octopus. For this it is necessary to attach two small eyes. They can be decorated with a pen or plain paper. 

It remains to attach the tentacles from the long balls and your octopus is ready. This hand-crafted article can be used to decorate the interior in a marine style. 

Giraffe from balloons handmade

From balls you can make a variety of animals, even a giraffe. To do this, you will need to twist twice to make the head and ears of the giraffe. Then make a long neck. It remains to twist two forepaws, a longer body, two hind legs and a tail. Giraffe is ready.


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