Christmas decorations DIY

Christmas is just around the corner! To feel its spirit even more better – making handmade Christmas decorations for your home can be the best choice!

You can find below some creative ideas on how to make your own home decorations for holidays!

1.       Handmade Christmas trees. Create unique Christmas toy using just threads and glue. First cut a triangle from rough paper. Put a glue on it. And then wrap it several times with threads. You can use one or several colors.

2.       Balls from threads. Take a balloon. Put a glue on it and wrap with threads. You will need a lot of glue and time to wait for it to got its shape. Then just burst the balloon and delete it.

3.       Christmas wreath. There are many recipes how to make diy wreath. But actually it is always easier than you can imagine. You can make it even from rosemary. It’s the most comfortable and quick way to handmade wreath.

4.       Make an unusual Christmas tree. It can be a tree from used papers, tree from your family photos or a tree even from wine corks!

Use your imagination and get ideas on Abbigli! Happy holidays!


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