Handmade accessories: ideas and master-classes how to make jewellery at home

Accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings - the most popular jewelry, because it is able to emphasize the femininity and beauty of every girl. Today in jewelry stores you can find a large number of different necklaces, bracelets and earrings from metal, plastic, rubber and other materials. But if you want your jewelry to look not like others, then you should try to learn how to make handmade jewellery.

DIY jewelry will look unordinary, charming and stylish. Also, diy accessories  will be an excellent gift, as well as suitable for any outfit, because you yourself can choose the color and size. An elegant and stylish accessory will appeal to girls and women of any age.

There are several types of jewelry that you can make with your own hands. Start with simple options, if earlier you were not engaged in jewelry business. For an entry level, diy jewelry ideas could be like:

  • accessories from the beads;
  • accessories from a rubber band;
  • accessories from threads;
  • accessories from lace.

Here we will look at each of the options in more detail and will find how to make homemade jewelry of each type.

BRACELETS FROM BEADS: how to make your own jewelry from beads


Materials you will need:

  • pins;
  • beads;
  • a thick string with an elastic band.

Work process

Prepare 70 identical pins, this is the amount you need for a woman's wrist. The number of beads depends on its thickness. You can also calculate it in advance, if you try to string beads on a pin and see how many pieces you need for one. Sort the beads according to the color scheme and think over the pattern of the bracelet. It can be monophonic or with alternating colors.


Thread the beads on all pins. You should get 70 such blanks, if you have a wide wrist, then there should be more of them. String finished blanks on a rubberized thread. If you used beads of different colors, then you have to alternate it.


Pins are threaded on two strings at once, so that the bracelet turns out to be wide. Do it carefully so that the strung pins do not fall off. Regularly try on the bracelet to be sure that it fits your wrist. When the pins are all strung, thread the top and bottom. Beaded bracelet is ready!


A bracelet of beads and pins can be made within 10 minutes, while it will look quite impressive on your wrist. With your hands, from ordinary materials at first sight, this jewelry diy can look interesting and unusual.

ACCESSORIES FROM A RUBBER BAND: how make jewelry at home


To weave a bracelet from a rubber band you don’t not need a lot of financial costs.

Buy an ordinary sachet with elastic bands, which already has a slingshot and a hook.


DIY jewelry making we begin from the weaving on the slingshot of a simple but beautiful bracelet with the fact that we twist one rubber with a figure of “eight”. Then two rubber bands we put on top of the slingshot in the usual way. Look at the photo, as it should turn out.

Now we pass to the direct braiding of a bracelet on a slingshot. This technique was called "fish tail". Take the hook and gradually start to remove the lower elastic band in the center. You need to transfer this rubber band through the top two. Then, just put one rubber band on the slingshot. Repeat the previous step, other words - remove the lower elastic band again, using the hook and fold it over the top.

Thus, you continue to weave until the bracelet get its suitable length. In the technique of "fish tail" for the same master class it is possible to try to weave a simple, but beautiful necklace with your own hands.

When the size of the product has become suitable for your hand, you need to throw the rubber bands from the right side of the slingshot to the left. Then tie, stretching the bottom through the top, and remove from the slingshot, hooked hook, which comes complete with rubber bands. Hook also hook on the second side of the bracelet, connecting it in one piece.

EASY DIY JEWELRY: bracelet made from lace

To create an original bracelet jewelry you will need:

  • Multi-colored or plain long shoelaces;
  • Glue;
  • Carabiner or any other locker for a bracelet;
  • Scissors.

To create a wide braided bracelet, you will need three laces of the same color or complementary shades of color. You can take three or more laces -  the principle of weaving will be the same. The principle of weaving - how to make a jewellery from the lace - is shown in details in the picture.

After the required length is achieved, you need to bend the ends of the laces, with the eyelet to the size of the button, and glue them to the inside of the bracelet.

In addition, the button can be replaced with a flat lock, which is made in the form of a clamp, so the bracelet will have a more stylish look. By the same principle, you can weave a single-tone bracelet.


You can also choose a wire as a material for your handmade jewelry!


In order to make such a bracelet, you will need wire, round pliers, beads, connecting rings. Take a piece of wire and thread it through the bead. One tip is bent with round pliers to prevent the bead from falling out. 


From the other end, take the wire, start to twist it, and then wind it on the bead. Make tight threads at the base of the bead.


After having wrapped a piece of bead, stretch the wire to the opposite edge and wrap around the loops you made earlier. You will get a workpiece for the bracelet. For an adult's wrist, you will need about 7 such blanks. 


You can connect the bracelet with rings that are bought in the hardware store or made from wire. More dense bracelet will be obtained if you connect it with eyelets that are on beads. To do this, you will need to slightly unbend one loop. It remains to make a hook of wire. To do this, fold the length of the wire in half and then twist the round pliers.


You will need:

  • The cloth;
  • Threads;
  • Beads;
  • Chain;
  • Pendants;
  • Togla Castle;
  • Pins with a loop;
  • Connecting rings.

Tools: scissors, needle, pliers, round pliers, side cutters.

Work process:

Prepare the fabric of the desired color. Cut with the scissors strip of tissue a little longer than the size of the wrist for the future bracelet. The width of the strip is depending on the size of the beads used.

Next, fold the edges of the fabric inverted up the entire horizontal line and make a machine line. If there is no machine, the seam can be made manually using a thread and a needle. After that, we turn the fabric on the front side.


To assemble the bracelet, you need to fix and arrange the first edge of the bracelet. To do this, thread on the pin with a loop the first bead and make out round-nosed on the other side of the bead another loop. We connect one of the loops of a bead with a loop from an empty pin. We place this bead in a tube at the very edge of the fabric and sew this edge with a needle along with the eyelet of the pin. For the remaining pillar of the pin wear a cap for beads. Then we wrap the round-lip end of the pin in the eyelet.


We now collect all the remaining beads in the tube. After each bead, we sew the fabric with a thread, as if tightening a bead with a cloth. The second edge of the bracelet is made just like the first, using a pin with a loop and a beanie cap.

Stitched seats between beads are decorated at their discretion, for example with beads. Add to the desired places additional decor in the form of chains and pendants. We added to the bracelet the lock-togle with the help of connecting rings.

By the same principle as the bracelet, you can collect earrings. 

Now you know, at least 4 ways how to make a jewellery! So don’t be afraid to begin the process! And hope – you will enjoy the results! Good luck!


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