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Introducing Gennhaio's 2019 Collection

At Gennhaio all of our bags and travel accessories have been given a 'New Beginning'.  Our unique and  creative designs have been crafted by blending Vegan leather with gently: re-purposed, reclaimed, and upcycled items. 

Repurposed! Rethink! Refashion!

Visit us at Gennhaio to see more one-of-a-kind bags!

The 'Champagne & Chocolate' Collection showcases the creative blending of faux leather with gently repurposed and Upcycled materials and accessories.

Repurpose! Rethink! Refashion!

Visit us at Gennhaio

Exquisite! Unique! Stunning! Just a few ways to describe our new 2019 line.  The 'Champagne & Chocolate' invites you to showcase your one-of-a-kind fashion styles and sophistication.

Repurpose! Rethink! Refashion!

Come and visit us at

You can, Gift it! You can keep it! And "You'll love it!"

A bag from the 'Champagne & Chocolate' collection is the perfect gift for that someone who is: stylish, fashionable, and loves to make a statement!

Repurpose! Rethink! Refashion!

Available Here:

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18 May 2022
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Introducing Gennhaio's 2019 Collection
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