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How to build a treehouse?

Who in the childhood did not dream about a house on a tree? If the dream is not fulfilled, now it is possible to realize it and to please your children. It's not so easy to build a small house on a tree with your own hands but it's possible, especially if you follow our instructions.

To do this, you need to find a tree with two or three large branches, located not far from each other. And to buy some materials, such as wooden beams, boards from the old fence and canvas.

How to create tree house plans?

In childhood, not every parent will make a small house on the tree for the child. But this is possible. It may be small, knocked down of thin boards remaining after the construction of the house, but for a child, it will be a real palace. All children from the street can spend time in it. There, they will share their secrets, build some plans and, most importantly, they will not do any tricks. In addition, participation in the construction will allow them to acquire useful skills.

However, today it is not necessary to think that a house on a tree - it's just a wooden cell where only children can sit. You can build a treehouse as an analog of an ordinary country house, only on a reduced scale.

In such houses, there are windows and doors, balconies and verandas, stairs to it. It can have both a bed and a sofa, and a table with a chair.

Which should be the tree for the house?

To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is very momentous to approximate the selection of the appropriate tree with all seriousness. Reliability and durability of its branches should not leave doubt. You ought to select a tree with a nice root system, which grows in solid and dense soil (not sandy).

You ought to remember that the tree should not be young or old. The branches that will keep the house should have a diameter of not less than 20-25 cm. After all, it must hold the weight of the house itself and the children playing in it. The presence of rotten, sick and other weaknesses is unacceptable. Well, if the tree has powerful horizontal branches or strongly branched trunk. Then the house will have several points of support.

The construction of a small house starts from the base and the floor (attach two beams to the tree on which you put the floor).

Start the building

  • Split the beams, which will serve as the base for the platform of the house around the tree.

  • Install temporary supports for beams. Then fasten the structure with a rope around the tree.

  • Dig a pit of the desired depth. Select the racks so that the upper edge of the rack is near the base beams. Secure the racks and base brackets; make sure the design is stable.

  • Gently pour cement into ditches in the ground.

  • When the cement is frozen, fasten the bolts with the base and the rack. Then you can remove temporary supports.

  • Insert and lock the intermediate beams.

  • The next step when you build a treehouse is to make a ladder for the house.

  • Start laying the floorboards, starting to nail the first board.

  • For handrails, prepare the necessary material. Hand the required length to the edge of the platform of the house.

  • On a flat working surface, fold the racks. Gently tighten racks to the rails in the specified areas. It is recommended to nail one of the nails in the center, and the other two at the edges of the racks at an angle.

  • Secure the ready-made railings on the platform. Pull the rails in places marked on the platform in the same way.

Do not forget to make a plan of the house

If you want DIY treehouse you need to know that the design of the house is the most responsible and complex stage.

  1. Before all labor, you must make several photos of the tree in various angles. This will help you decide what will be the wall in the house, which will be its foundation.

  2. Count at least roughly how many children will be in the house at the same time.

  3. Think about windows and doors.

  4. Think of the way children will get into the house.

  5. Do not make the big house on a small tree.

You learned, how to build a treehouse secure it and how to decorate it beautifully. But the main thing to keep in mind is that in an effort to “break away from the earth”, it is necessary to think, first of all, about the safety of children. Looking at the miracle-building made with your own hands, you will feel a sense of pride and you will see the eyes of a happy child. Have a great job and a fun summer holiday for your children!

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