Natural Room Aromas DIY

Everyone love nice smell! And wouldn't you want to have such in your own room? If yes, here's an instruction how to make it handmade! Just imagine: your favorite aroma made by your own!

Abbigli proposes you to choose between 4 most popular scents: orange+cinnamon, pine, fresh lime and orange+ginger.

For the first Scent: orange+cinnamon you will need one cleared orange, 4 cinnamon sticks, clove buds, water and a glass.

First put oranges in the glass, add cinnamon and 8-10 clove buds.

Add water so your glass comes full.

Take essential oil of anise and add 5-7 drops.

Mix everything carefully and heat up in any possible way. We used a candle.

Second scent is with pine. You will need few pine branches, nutmeg, three bay leaves. Mix everything together and add water. Heat the mixture up!

Scent #3 is lime one! Take slices of lime and put them into glass.

Add a few mint springs and two pinches of thyme. Add water and 5-7 drops of vanilla extract.

Heat it up - your scent is ready! Enjoy it!

Scent #4: orange+ginger.

In a glass put oranges, sliced ginger, 5-7 drops of almond essential and glass of water.

Heat everything up and enjoy!

Sure, handmade scents will bring so much joy into your room! Video instruction will show you details:


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