T-Shirt Quilt

Hello, everybody!
Do you know that feeling when you have to part with your favourite pieces of clothing, because they are already threadbare and you can't wear them anymore?
Well! Do not rush just to throw away your old T-shirts -  today you will learn how to use them for making a great quilt, which will serve you for a looooong time:)

So, we need:
-old T-shirts (about 5-7)
-a sewing machine;
-a ruler (or sewing centimeter);
-a piece of paper or cardboard;
-an iron;
-some batting filler (the size should be equal to the size of the quilt);
-3 colored pieces of fabric

Now, let's start:
1. First you need to cut a square template 20x20 cm (the size of the pattern can be changed, accordind to your needs and wish).
2. With the help of the template, cut out your T-shirts into squares (it would be better to wash and iron them before).
3.Then sew a strip of colored fabric with each square (e.g., a red strip (25 * 5 cm), a yellow one (20 * 5 cm), a blue one(30 * 5 cm), a green one(25 * 5 cm). In this way you need to sew down all the squares. 
4. Then sew the lining together with the batting.
5. At the end you need to stitch your quilt over the entire surface of it's front side, (you can do it chaotically).

Done! Try this easy and fast way to give your old but beloved pieces of clothing a second life, and they will continue to make you happy for a long, long time!

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