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How to Make a Warm Fox Scarf


Today I want you to meet Darcy. Darcy is made from flannels and minky, and it’s perfect to warm up your shoulders on a rainy autumn day. It’ll take only one day for you to make Daizy. Wanna do it?

Daizy is a fox girl, but you can make any animal you want to see on yourself. Just choose the proper color. The scarf also can be longer or shorter.t and ears to make it a bear or panda. The scarf length is also easily customizable to be longer or shorter.

Begin by downloading the Fox Scarf Pattern

You can make the fox scarf body as long as you want, just use the pattern to shape the head and tail. Cut out one body piece of the top fabric (flannel) and one body piece of the bottom fabric (minky). You can use any fabric you prefer.

Sew just the face together on the inside and turn inside out. It’s help to place foxy face. Put here two black beads.

Cut out the ears, sew on the iside and turn inside-side out.

Place them properly and stitch them down to the flannel fabric only.

Use thick threads to stitch the nose only to the top fabric.

Put the thread through the fabric. Make knots on the inside to secure them. These are foxy whiskers.

Cut out your arm and leg pattern pieces and sew them together, flip inside-out.

Place the arms in the same place with ears, but on the minky fabric. Pin them down. Then zig-zag stitch the arms down to the minky.

Legs are created in the same way.

Flip the fox and sew around. Leave a small gap in the middle of the scarf open so you have somewhere to flip it again.

Finally machine stitch the gap closed.

Great! Your fox scarf is complete. Don't forget to name it :)

Photos taken by Colleen


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