Cute DIY bracelet as a present for International Women's Day

Hello everyone! International Women’s Day is only in 2 days! It is a wonderful spring day when you can see lots of flowers in ladies hands (my favorite part is to look at men running this a nice bouquet and a present to greet his women). If you still wondering how to surprise your best friend, coworker or your lovely mother, here’s a DIY idea on how to make a nice and stylish bracelet.

All you need is:
- A simple wooden bracelet
- Yarns for knitting (3-4 colors)
- Scissors

Yarns for knitting are better than the ones for embroidery because they have thicker structure. The color range is for you to choose. Light and nude colors are a good addition to almost everything in the women’s wardrobe and they will look good even with the classic costume. Bright and flashy colors will ideally dilute light dress which will be amazing for the summer time (match the bracelet with the bag or shoes). Here are some examples:

(Source: pinterest)

First things first, it is better to measure your bracelet’s diameter and divide it to parts, this way it will be even distribution of colors (mark each part with pencil so that you won’t get lost). 

Take the first color and turn it around your bracelet and made an internal node. The thread should be strongly taut. When you will get to the first parts divider, made another internal node and take the next color.

Repeat your actions with the next color as you did with the first one.
And do the same thing until finished.

The best part of it is that its all your imagination on how it will look like and  you can use impovised means. This is a nice gift which will please the person you love and a stylish accessory for yourself as well! Hope you will have a good time and enjoy your job! 



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