Denim Jeans Makeover

Hello everybody!

Pom poms, tassels… Ah! We love them all! Sometimes it feels like they are our best friends and life saviors in some way. For example, when your heart aches to throw away your favorite pair of jeans you should just remember about this cool tassel tutorial. It is easy to do and your old jeans will get a new life.

Here is what you will need:
- a pair of jeans
- tassel trim
- fabric glue
- chalk or small piece of soap
- needle
- scissors
- measuring tape

Step 1
Try the jeans on and figure out what length you want to cut. If you are not sure about it get someone who can help you to decide.

Step 2
Lay the jeans down on the working surface and mark the line you are going to cut using a chalk or soap.

Step 3
Now cut the line.

TIP: Again, if you aren’t sure about the length, cut a small part first, try them on and see whether you like it or you want to cut more. Remember, it is better to cut them a few times until you will find the desired length than overcut the jeans and regret.

Step 4
Using the needle pull the white horizontal threads down, one at the time.

Step 5
Fold up the hem as shown on the picture. New we are going to add out tassel trim.

Step 6
Prepare your tassel trim. Put some glue on the trim line and press it onto the folded jeans hem. Make sure you secured the tassel edges with a glue as well. For the better glue effect carefully put something heavy on top of the tassel trim, book will be good. Let it dry for at least 30 minutes.

Step 7
When dried, fold the hem back down.

Voila! Your tassel-trimmed jeans are now ready to rock the streets again! It is amazing how simple this makeover is and that now the jeans look like they are just brand new from the store! They are casual and in the meantime so fancy that they will fit with your every look. I cannot be happier wearing them and I hope you are happy and satisfied as well! Enjoy!



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