Sometimes we get such a strong desire to add to the interior of our houses some bright accents, that could attract attention, be feast for the eyes and a dilute a familiar and regular look of the room. But what if you still just can't venture to make any radical changes in the interior, such as painting the walls or wallpapering? In this case, I have an idea, due to which, decorating your apartment and bringing some bright colors into it, will be easier than ever! Let's make a decoration in the form of the composition of the paper hearts!

- Colored paper (color - according to your taste);
- Scissors;
- A pencil;
- Glue.

First we need to make templates of hearts of different sizes (or just draw their outlines on paper) and cut out the figures out of colored paper.

Then you need to make a little incision on the top of the figure and bend the edges inside, and then apply there some glue.

Now we need to press the edges together, and hold them a few minutes.

You can use these ready-made three-dimensional hearts as you wish - you can glue them to a cardboard and hung on the wall like a panel, or you can attach them directly to the wall using double-sided tape.

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