Virginia Stone

Gift Idea: Photo Collage Star

Lovely photos of your past are always the best gift. But photo frames are never of the needed size, yep? Don’t let them frame down your fantasy! This fantastic collage star is out of any frames! It’s really original and unforgettable to present to the loved one.

Let’s see the tutorial below.


Metal star (buy or make it cardboard piece by piece)

3 Patterns of decorative paper

10 Photographs (black/white looks especially nice against colorful paper)

Glue stick

Mod Podge

Paper/photo patterns


Find a large metal star-preferably one without any embellishments. You'll need a smooth surface to glue the pictures and paper to. I found mine at Hobby Lobby, but you can find them at lots of craft stores and/or home decor stores.

Trace and cut out 10 paper shapes: one small and large from one piece of paper and 2 of each from the other two. Then do the same with your pictures.

Glue the paper and photos to the star, and be sure to cover the entire back with glue to prevent bubbling when you Mod Podge. (When you cut the decorative paper, one of the patterns was only cut once. Use this for the top point of the star)

Once you have all of your pictures and paper glued on, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge over the entire star.  Make sure you get all the edges. Allow 20 minutes to dry then apply another coat.

Display, present and enjoy!


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