Jessy Kay

Beautiful Flowers of Coffee Filters

So realistic Coffee Filter Flowers! They can last forever being the same beautiful and fresh! Perfect for the wedding ceremony décor, or just to decorate your living room.

Let’s learn together how to do this amazing handmade project.


  • scissors
  • floral tape
  • coffee filters
  • bamboo skewers
  • petal template

1. Using petal template cut petal pieces out of coffee filters.

2. Wrap one petal tightly around the skewer. Pull floral tape tight over it and make sure it’s placed well. Wrap tape downwardsto fex it well as you work on.

Take one more petal and make sure the points don't line up with the first one. Wrap around skewer and secure with floral tape. Always try and keep petals at about the same height.

3. Take another petal and wrap around skewer. Secure with floral tape. Take one more petal of this kind and repeat.

4. Take petal 3, wrap around skewer and secure with floral tape. Do it twice.

5. Take petal 4 and carefully pull apart at perorated edge to open petal. Wrap around skewer and secure with floral tape. It's ok to fold and bunch a bit at the base, just make sure everything is secured with tape.

6. Take three #5 and #6 petals and stagger around rose. Wrap floral tape around all three and secure (you can do these one at a time as well). Repeat with petals #7 and #8.

8. Separate petals using your fingers (or a skewer for the middle bits) to fill out the rose.

9. Curl the edges beautifully.

10. Wrap floral tape all the way down skewer to create a green stem.

Wow! That sounds like a lot of steps but it's really not that bad. Don't worry if your flower doesn't look perfect, flowers aren't perfect so this will make it look more natural. Have patience and make at least two, trust me, your second one will look better.

Happy crafting!

Idea and photos by Christine


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