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Handmade with children

21 June 2017

Perhaps the most pleasant lesson for children is the creation of handmade stuff. Children will create something interesting and attractive with a great pleasure. In this article, I decided to offer you wonderful handicrafts for children, which will be very easy to make handmade. 

Interesting crafts from disposable plates


To recieve pleasant emotions, you can create something bright and at the same time unusual handmade. Tropical fish is a great option for you. To create them you must buy paper plates. Of course, you will need bright colors to paint them. It can be some interesting stripes or fancy patterns. And when your bright colors will dry on a plate, then glue your fins to your fish. 


Disposable plates are also suitable for creating an handmade aquarium. In this case, you need a couple of plates that will be connected to each other. At one plate it is necessary to cut out a bottom. To the other plate, glue the underwater characters. And for greater effect, use cellophane. It should be said that when creating an underwater world, your child can use the seashells that he collected during the summer on the beach. 

Handmade appliques from buttons

Buttons of various colors and different sizes will help you to make the original handmade composition. In the beginning, choose something suitable for yourself, and only then pick up the buttons. Make the markup, be patient, and do not forget about the glue. As a result, you can get a lot of interesting crafts.

Handmade stuff made from pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds can help you to create the most interesting crafts. It can be any compositions or even interesting exhibits. For example, if you use bright plasticine, you can create interesting flowers. Install them in the vase, and the vase itself in the most prominent place. The child will be very happy with this product. 

Pumpkin seeds can help make you an original Christmas tree toy. You just need to stick the pumpkin seeds to the foam ball. And in the end, decorate it with golden paint. 

Pencil shavings for original handicrafts

For these crafts you and your child can use pencil shavings. It is worth noting and it can produce many interesting products. The technique of working with chips is very simple. On the sheet, you simply represent the picture, but decorate it  not with colors, but with beautiful and smooth shavings. 

Simple crafts for kindergarten of paper and cardboard

Children like to work with paper and create something interesting from it. For such children's crafts, be sure to choose a bright cardboard and colorful colored paper. Look at all the best novelties of crafts for kindergarten from cardboard and paper.