An original envelope with colorful decor can beautify any gift, to which you want to attach, for example, a card. A beautifully designed envelope is just indispensable, when you need to send a paper invitation for any celebration or congratulations to your friends or relatives who live far away. When you just want to do something pleasant for someone, who you love, write to this person a tender letter, putting in the evelope some colored confetti and a photo, that has captured one of your happiest joint memories. What stops you from making such an envelope with your own hands and with love and imagination that will certainly be noted and appreciated by the recipient?:)

I'd like to offer you to make a version of an envelope out of several types of colored paper, that makes it look more interesting and brighter. The paper of different colours can be used for internal and external parts of your creation.

To make such an envelope, take:

- Colored paper - 2 pieces.                                                       - Any old envelope in order to use it as a template (optional) - Glue / double-sided adhesive tape                                         - A pencil                                                                                   - A ruler                                                                                    - Scissors


First you need to cut out the colored template for designing an envelope. You can take a ready-made template, or draw it yourself. The size of the evelope depends on your wishes and on what purpose you would like to use it.

Now you need to cut out a workpiece of a different collor, a little smaller, in order to put it in the the inside of the envelope successfully.Then you need to stick it inside.

Now you only have to fold the edge on the inside carefully, making sure that the glue didn't get there accidentally. Done! You can decorate your envelope with any beads, ribbons, buttons etc.Good luck!

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