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Have you ever could imagine that you can find much more ways of how to use  little rubber toys , except as in games with children or as collectibles? So, recently, I have found one sooo unusual and, I think, just incredibly cool idea of how to use such toys for handicrafts and interior decoration! You can make original furniture handles, which are perfect not only for the decoration of children's rooms, but  which also perfectly fit into the interior, designed in a contemporary style, which encourages such avant-garde decorative elements.

So, take:
- rubber toys (for example, little dinosaurs, etc.).
- golden spray paint  (or any other color to your taste)
- bolts, shims, screws
- a drill.

To begin, you must define the back of the handle to your wish, and then put a mark with a marker at the spot where you plan to make a hole.

Next, with  the help of the drill of the required size, you need to drill a hole carefully, but not a through one!

If you want, you can paint the figures with a spray paint or leave as it is (this option will be especially harmonious in children's room).

Then you need to apply glue on the tip of the screw and, after 3-5 minutes, insert it into the hole to the end.

Now you need to apply glue on the toy around the hole and bolt  and leave it to dry completely.
You just need to fasten the handle to the drawer or cupboard, using a shim and a screw.

Done! Diversify your interior with such exciting and positive!

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