DIY - Colored Chalk!

Do you remember, when in our childhood we used to draw with colored chalk on each piece of asphalt in the yard, on the walls and sidewalks? We had a lot of fun, right?) You were able to invent any story and create it yourself. Well, we had a lot of freedom to develop our imagination and creativity! Today I want to show you a simple and very fast way, thanks to which you can easily make you own colored chalk. And then any game with your child will become brighter, funnier, more creative and you'll be able to plunge into the childhood, drawing pictures on asphalt!)

For making them we need:
- 3/4 cup of warm water
- 1.5 cups of gypsum
- colorful paints
- molds

Let's get started!
Firstly, mix the gypsum with warm water. Then add the paint and mix thoroughly. Pour the colored gypsum into the molds and mix again to release any air traps. You can do it with a needle, for example.. Now we just have to wait until our chalk solidifies - the bigger the molds are, the longer the chalk will dry.
That's all! Pull out the chalk carefully and begin to create!))

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