Sergey S.

DIY: Ring Holder 💍🐈

This idea will be particularly useful and funny for you, if you are obsessed with complementing the interior of your bathroom or bedroom with various accessories. And also if you have puzzled your brains over where to store your jewelry, particularly your rings. Making such ring holder with your own hands is quite simple, but in the end you'll get a unique decorative element and a very useful thing for your home. After all, if the ring holder looks original and beautiful, then the rings will look on it wonderful as well!

- a ceramic bowl
- a small plastic toy (for example, a cat figure)
- glue
- brush
- white acrylic paint
- golden acrylic paint
- satin acrylic paint 

Process: Color the plasric figure and the bowl eith white acrylic paint. Allow it to dry, and then apply other coats of paint, allowing them to dry, one by one. Apply the paint until you achieve the desired coverage. Then take the gold paint and paint the edges of the bowl, leaving the center white. And leave it to dry again. Do the same with the ears and tail of the cat figure.
Now you just have to glue the cat figure. Make sure that both parts are completely dry, then apply glue to the bottom of the cat's paws and put it in the center of the ceramic bowl. Once they are dry, you can store your rings on the golden tail of the cat!)


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