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Quick Pom-Pom Fruits Tutorial

Crazy and maxi cute idea! These bright pom-poms may become perfect decoration for the birthday party, or you may hang them anywhere in your house to get funny and joyful interior look!

Actually, it’s not so easy, but once you understand how to do this, it’ll work well!

Here are step-by-step tutorial pics for the strawberry and kiwi pom-poms with some diagrams and trimming tips.

The strawberry pom-pom is probably the easiest one, so you can make it in a few minuted right now! And kids will love a handful of them.


  1. The best way is to use a cardboard pom-pom maker. Put two halves of the pompom maker together.
  2. Wrap red yarn as a base for the pompom but add a few wraps of white yarn scattered here and there as in the photo to create seeds. Repeat this in random places as you go and build layers.
  3. Add a small bunch of green yarn on one end loosely. Make the other half of your pompom in the same way and bring them together, so the green parts meet at the same end.
  4. Tie in the middle between two halves of the cardboard.
  5. For trimming, hold all the green yarn on top together and trim the red part only into a neat ball at first. Now trim the bottom end into a pointy shape to resemble a strawberry.
  6. Now flatten the top green yarn and trim some yarns shorter than others, into a star-like shape. You can trim them much shorter if you like, I just like that leafy top of the strawberry so I tried to give some feature there. Keep a few yarns long in the middle as a stem. Done!


  1. Wrap a couple of layers of white yarn covering about 1/3 of the pom-pom maker in the middle area.
  2. Hold a mix of white and black yarn together and wrap on the top for the seeds.
  3. Wrap green yarn all over on the top and sides of the seeds, but not all the way to the very edges of the pom-pom maker. Leave some room on both sides.
  4. Wrap the brown yarn all over for the outer skin color. Then cover the entire area of the pompom maker from edge to edge. This is now one half of your kiwi pom-pom.
  5. For the second half, wrap entirely in brown skin color only. Put the two halves together and finish.
  6. When you cut it open, you will have a green kiwi design in the middle surrounded by the brown outer color. Trim the green inner fruit part to make a flat top. 
  7. Once you’ve trimmed the top quite flat, trim the edges of the green circle to tidy up. Then snip off all the brown yarn sticking out next to the green like the photo above. Trim the rest of the brown yarn on the other side to make a longish kiwi like shape. Great! You’re perfect!

Lemon, watermelon, pineapple, pear and other fruit pom-poms are possible, as well. Look below! They are wonderful!

Thanks for reading! Hope you’ll like this idea! Want to see your own pom-pom ideas in comments!

Photos by MrPrintables


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