Self-Made Bath Bombs

Who of us, among girls, doesn't like to luxuriate in a warm bubble bath, full of fragrant aromas? And who among us doesn't love all of these fizzy bombs, oils, gels etc., through the fault of which, you can get stuck in your bath for a looong time?) I would like to offer you to make a handmade effervescent bath bomb just at home! You can try to organize a beauty-workshop for making such interesting stuff, invite friends, or make it together with the children.

To make a salt bath bomb, you have to take:
-baking soda (10 tablespoons)
-citric acid (5 tablespoons)
-bath salt (1.5-2 tablespoons) - we will use it as a colorant (you can also use food coloring and healthy ingredients such as ground oatmeal flakes, milk powder, dried flowers, and so forth)
-essential oil (as per instructions)
-fixed oil (max. 1 tsp)
-water, poured into a spray bottle,
Process: Mix citric acid, baking soda and bath salt into a smooth paste. Pour there some essential and fixed oil, then add the dry ingredients, selected, according to your taste. And stir the mixture again until smooth, so that it clings well. If the mixture is crumbly - add a little water, but be careful not to start the reaction. If this happens -  add citric acid and baking soda. Now put this paste into the molds, tamping it well and leave it to dry. After 20 minutes, bombs will be ready for use. 

Relax and enjoy!

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