DIY: Handmade oven-glove

An oven-glove is always a necessary and useful thing in the kitchen. A beautiful potholder will not only protect you from burns, but will also be an excellent decoration element. You can make it in different shapes - round, oval, square, heart-shaped or glove-shaped. The last one is very convenient and it's sewing is so simple that you can make it even with the child!

For making an oven-glove we'll need:

A basic fabric; a piping; a sewing machine; threads; needles, scissors, chalk, pins.


1) Make a template, putting a hand on a sheet of paper and drawing the outline around the palm of your hand, in the form of the glove and adding around the contour about 3.5 cm. For one glove you need to carve out 4 parts of the base fabric - 2 pieces with the thumb on the left side and 2 parts with the thumb on the right, because 2 parts are required for the inside of the glove, and 2 - for the outside.
2) There will be batting between them, cut out in the same shape - also 2 pcs.
I do not recommend to use sintepon - it can melt at a high temperature.
The sequence of  putting all parts together - batting, then "face to face" 2 pieces of the glove from the base fabric, then batting and then, on top "face to face" two parts of the base fabric.
3) Sew the glove together on a sewing machine, but don't sew up the hole for the hand.
4) Cut off the excess fabric.
5) Finally, you need to turn the glove onto the front side and handle the edges with the bias binding. You can also make a loop, so that you could hang your oven-glove on a tack hook.

Done! :)

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