How wonderful the fact is that nowadays there is an unlimited amount of resources in our disposal, from which we are able to get incredibly creative ideas, that diversify and enliven our routine and bring into our lives some bright colors and space for creativity. We can find various life hacks, through which it becomes much easier and faster to cope with everyday situations. We are now provided with tons of literary materials and information that help us to open new horizons of knowledge, skills, and now we can find an answer to, practically, any question of our interest. We are very happy people, I'd say!)
And, in my opinion, not to use this variety of tips, not to try at least once to make at least anything original and creative with your own hands, following the description of the process of making handicrafts, that explains, literally, step by step, very detailed, how and what to do - well, is just a crime against your imagination and creative vein!) And I'm, everybody among us has it! Well, if you have found before only those workshops or articles about making handicrafts, that seemed extremely hardly feasible, and you no longer had any desire even to try - then I want to offer to start with making some simple, but magically beautiful crafts!

Look, here is a wonderful vase you can do in a couple of minutes, using only:
- PVA glue
- Glitter (a looooot of glitter)
- A balloon
- A broad brush
- Any container

And now let's start with the process: 
Mix the glue with glitter.

Inflate the balloon and apply with the brush the glue-glitter mixture on it. Wait for it to dry completely and then deflate the balloon. 

Voila! A decorative, sparkling vase is ready to become part of your home interior! I wish you success and inspiration!

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