DIY: Dot Painting Mug!

If you still can't come up with any idea of what to give to a friend, you can always take advantage of a win-win option - to give a cup! Everybody loves cute cups! But a mug, painted with your own hands is not a banal present any more - cause it means that you have been making it with your soul and thoughts about the person to whom it is addressed. Such a gift would be a sweet and colorful reminder of you.

So, for making an original cup painting, you should take:
⦁ outline paints for glass and ceramics
⦁ acrylic paints and a thin brush or a marker for ceramics
⦁ alcohol
⦁ cotton pads
⦁ cotton swabs

For a start, wipe the cup with alcohol to degrease it. Draw a sketch of any pattern or take a printed image.

Before you begin to paint a mug, I advise you to practice on paper and make sure that all the paints are in the order. Begin to draw, leaving about 2 cm from the edge of the cup . Draw the dots with optimal diameter and distance between them.
It is better to first draw the biggest dots, and then to move on to the details. When your design is ready, place the cup in the oven for 30 minutes at a temperature of 150-170 degrees. This will fix the pattern. Voila! Such a beautiful and creative gift is ready!

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