DIY: Thread Christmas Tree

Hello! There are only two months till winter holidays left. And it means that we still have enough time left to practice, making various handicrafts. Various handmade creations will not only brighten up your free time with the fascinating process of their making, but also diversify your holiday decor. In addition, as corny as it sounds, in my opinion, there is no better gift. Cause, getting a gift made by someone personally, you understand that this person created it with soul, putting in a piece of love, imagination, of something special and made sure that the gift is a reflection of the personal attitude and associations towards you.

Recently I came across a nice idea of Christmas decor, which I would like to share with you today. Let's make a Christmas tree out of thread. 

You will need: 
- a sheet of cardboard (color optional) 
- thread
- PVA glue
- pins 
- beads, sequins etc.

Process: Fold the cardboard in the form of a cone and cut off the excess. Put a plastic bag on top of the cone to avoid sticking of thread to the sheet of cardboard. Then, push the pins into the base and the top, wrap the thread, which was previously pre-soaked in glue and leave it to dry.

When the creation is dry, remove pins and pull the cone out. Patch up the base of the cone by sewing it with a fabric circle. Thereafter decorate your Christmas tree with beads (or other decorations, if desired).

Done! Simple, fast, but in result you get a beautiful and stylish decoration elements!

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