Handmade Decorative Fragrant Christmas Tree

Well, the end of October is already near, and I am sure that the time, remained before the winter holidays, will spin away. So why not to use your free time in a  creative and exciting way and not to try to create some crafts with your own hands, developing your imagination and perhaps revealing some new, yet hidden talents? Today, I would like offer to make winter-themed his craft, which will certainly come in handy while decorating your appartment in winter.

To create it, you will need:
• A styrofoam cone
• A glass jar ( a small one)
• A wire
• Alebaster and water
• A glue gun and glue sticks (3-4 things)
• A jute twine
• Some coffee beans
• Dried citrus slices, peel etc.
• Decorative moss (for the floristry)
• A piece of burlap
• Another decor (to your taste)

Process: Turn on the glue gun and allow it to heat up. Make a hole in the styrofoam cone, through which then feed the wire. Then wrap the tree basis with the jute twine and fix it with glue-gun. Now fold the wire in two and twist it. Feed the twine through the hole in the wire, which you get and tie a little knot. Wrap the wire completely with the jute twine and then press it into the styrofoam Christmas tree-base.
Fix the extra piece of the jute twine with glue . Wrap the trunk of the tree with the jute and glue the coffee beans to the bottom, starting with the sharp edge, covering the bottom and then gradually covering the whole tree.
In order to make a pot, wrap the jar with burlap, fixing it with glue. Put the tree inside and make a "lawn" with the moss. Now you only have to decorate your craft according to your wishes: glue there buttons, ribbons, dry slices of citrus fruits, you can even paint it with the help of a spray paint! Good luck!

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