Mary Swan


I can't explain it in words, how much I love lavender in all its manifestations - its delicate and fragile flowers, its charming, pleasant smell, sweet and soothing colour.

Perhaps, that is why I liked the idea of such crafts for home interior, with the help of which you can easily create an artificial composition of lavender - namely, to weave it out of beads. Thanks to this simple master class you can also make lavender bouquet that never withers, and which, incidentally, can be a great addition to any gift! Even instead of cards!

To do this you will need:
⦁ czech beads №10 - 50 g
⦁ bugle beads №11 - 100 g
⦁ copper wire
⦁ green ribbon
⦁ scissors or pliers

Using the specified number of materials, you can make the flower, which will have 19 branches. It is not necessary for beads to be the same size and shape - it's even better to take every bead - then your flowers will be even more natural and more beautiful.

Put 35 beads on the wire 40 cm long, namely at its center. Divide the bugle beads into 2 halves - so you get 2 lavender petals.

Now make about 180 branches. To make the leaves - put on the wire 25 beads. Twist by analogy, making about 40 leaves.
So you get step by step a flower, which length is approximately 15 cm and its thickness - depends on your desire.

When the sprigs appear - wrap the stem with the help of the green ribbon. Done!


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