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Among various interesting ways of decorating your house with something original and making any changes in the interior, one of the simplest and the most attractive seems to me the idea of creating such a panel. This bright, colorful hand-made article will definitely improve your mood, fill your room with comfort, as well attract attention and cause delight of the guests! Just believe! :)

So, to make a color panel, using origami technique, take:

- сolored paper
- a sheet of cardboard or thin chipboard (from this material you will make the basis for the composition)
- glue

To start with, you need to prepare blanks in the form of squares, using colored paper. If you prefer the elements of a bigger size, do bigger squares, and vice versa. On this will depend the general look of the composition. If you find it difficult to decide of what size to make these blanks, try to experiment by using plain white paper.

Then you need to fold the squares by the two diagonals, then you must deploy them and fold corners of each to its center. Now we need to turn the workpiece and again fold the corners to the center.

Once you make a couple of pieces of each color, which you have prepared, you need to place the modules onto cardboard or any other material that you have chosen as the basis. Then you need to mark the place where you will cut or saw off the excess material, avoiding that edges of the base extends beyond the modules.

Then stick the paper modules to the base using double-sided tape or glue. When the glue dries, attach the finished colourful composition on a wall or put it in any other place you want.

Have nice and bright mood!

Thanx for the idea!


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