Perhaps we can all agree that bubble blowing - is a fun amusement that comes from everybody's childhood. These bubbles that shimmer with rainbow colors, bring so much happiness to both children and adults!

And you don't have necessarily to spend money on countless bottles of soap liquid that end pretty quickly - it is better to make a special liquid with your own hands! And then you won't have to worry that you run out of it again, because you can easily make more!)

So, take:
- Water - 1 tbsp.
- Glycerol - 2 tsp
- Washing-up liquid - 4 tbsp
- Sugar - 1 tsp

You only need to thoroughly mix all ingredients and, for the best effect, leave the liquid in the refrigerator for 12 hours (you can also start at once, if you already want to start a soap fun as quickly as possible:)).

By the way, do you want to surprise your friends with unusual fluorescent soap-bubbles?
To do this, you will need to mix previously prepared soap liquid with a fluorescent paint (1:1). If you don't manage to get bubbles, as they have to be, add a little more water!

That's all! Cool, is not it? Experiment, try something new and have fun!)

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