A Handmade Doll Out of a Sock

Probably, everybody at least once in their life tried to make a toy out of available recyclable materials. Recently I discovered an incredibly simple, but very entertaining way of making toys and I want to show it today. Well, we are going to sew dolls out of... socks! Yes, at first sight, this idea seemed to me rather ridiculous, but, believe me, as a result, you will get a very cute and funny toy:)

So, let's begin?For making 1 doll you have to take: 

1 sock, scissors, cotton wool or sintepon (for stuffing), a little piece of white fabric (for the head), threads, a needle, a couple of beads (for the eyes), and a little bit of pink powder (for cheeks), 2 silk ribbons (length - 20 cm). It's better to take a colorful sock with some prints, in order the doll to be brighter and funnier.


1) Cut off the bottom part of the sock (heel). We need to cut off the heel neatly - we will need the upper and lower parts of the sock.

2) Now make the doll's body out of the bottom part of sock. Then you need to fill it with cotton wool and sew up neatly. Now the doll has legs and arms. 

3) We now proceed to designing doll's face. Sew two circles out of the white fabric with each other, leaving a hole for stuffing and turning inside out.

4) Now make stuffing and sew eyes to the doll's face.

5) Sew the body of the doll to its head, put a hat on it, made from the remained piece of the sock and then carefully tie a ribbon.

Done! Very simple, right? But how much happiness it would be for a child!!) Wish you good luck and inspiration!

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