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Very often we all face with the problem of where to put all the little things that we have accumulated and which have not come up with the place. We have to put all these things into different boxes, caskets that sometimes occupy too much space and look too cumbersome... Anyway, we also do not always want to store in the open surface a plurality of these organizers ... often want just to get rid of all the trash and create a more minimalist atmosphere.
In this case, the assistance may come here are quite compact leather organizers that are good not only for their functionality, but also for the stylish look.
So, take:
natural leather / leatherette / suede
brass clasps (or other types of fasteners)
a hole puncher
a knife
adhesive fabric
Note: it's better to make this organizer out of leatherette. If you decide to use natural skin, make sure that it is thin and supple.
First, you need to mark a template on the piece of paper, which is, in fact, four equilateral triangles folded one to one.

Their size depends only on your wishes. Using this template, you will need to cut the necessary number of leather blanks. Then, according to the photo, you need to fold material in the form of a pocket and then mark the place of where the fastener will be installed.

Now unfold the material and make a hole using the hole puncher in the place where you put the mark previously.

Then, fold the piece of material back into the pocket and mark the place where you are going to punch a hole in the valve, and then, actually, make a hole using a hole puncher.
Unfolding a leather "pocket", you have to apply some glue on a triangle, which is lapped, and then clamp the fold line using clothespins or clips and leave until the glue dries.

Then you can remove them and install the fastener pegs in order to have an opportunity to fix the valve when it is closed.

After making a couple more of these mini-organizers, you can attach them to the wall, or even use them as purses! Try to make such super-convenient things for the house!

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