Sergey S.

Funny Watercolor Greeting Card

This card would be an excellent and very nice gift for those who are dear to you. Making it is as easy as pie! If you have always wanted to try making such an idea of a greeting card, then let's get started!

So, take:
• watercolor paper - 2 sheets
• colored paper
• a pencil
• gel pens
• glue
• watercolor paints
• a brush.

Fold the sheet of watercolor paper in two. Draw in the lower corner of the sheet a small cartoon animal (eg a kitten) and paint it with black or gray watercolour paint. Then, you need to cut out of colored paper circles that resemble balloons and then glue them. Outline the kitten and yarns of the balloons by using gel pens. Draw the outline of "tails" of the balloons inside the circles.

Now cut a rectangle out of the watercolor paper, cut its corners and write a greeting phrase on it. Also cut out of the watercolor paper smaller rectangles  (the size - 1 x 2 cm), fold them in half and glue, then attach to the rectangle with the congratulation. Apply some glue to the rectangles and stick the paper with the greeting phrase to the card, to get 3D-effect! Done! Have fun and I wish you more creative handicrafts!

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