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Let's make a stylish CHOKER!

Hello everybody! Today I want to show you how to make a choker eith your own hans. This neck decoration is one of the biggest fashion trends in the last couple of years!

But with this accessory you have to be quite careful, because chokers sometimes may look vulgar. Therefore it is very important that your decoration is very minimalistic and neat. Then this unusual element can make your look even more unique,  interesting and stylish!

Let's get started. In order to make this choker, you need only:
- 1 metal ring 
- 2 leather laces  (The length - 60 cm.)

First you need to fold one of the laces and push it through the hole of the ring so that the other end of it is in the loop.

Then, place the loop under the ring, and then pull it backwards, so that it covers both ends of the lace. Then you need to push the ends of the loop through the loop, making a little effort. Do the same with the second leather lace. To fix the choker around the neck, tie the ends of the laces.
Done! I wish you to always look stylish, harmonious and flawless!

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