You can not find a bracelet of your dream? Prices for the beautiful decorations that really like ... even on jewelry, are very high? Perhaps the idea that I prepared for you today, can assist you in creating an "exactly that" accessory? After all, it is made in a very interesting style, and the combination of gold and black colors is already indisputable classics. This beautiful bracelet will match absolutely any outfit and will be appropriate in any situation!
- a strong thick thread or a lace for beading
- scissors
- golden beads in the form of cylinders
Fold the lace in half, and in the closed end make a knot with a small circle, to which you later will fasten the clasp.

Put on one end of the thread throogh the bead, and then, from another end, push another thead through.  Tighten both sides and drag the bead  to the node on the bracelet. By analogy, you need to put on other beads, aligning and adjusting them.
While weaving, measure the length of the bracelet, according to your wrist. If the desired length is reached - stop and tie a node at the other edge of the bracelet.

Now just attach a clasp and you can already wear it! Let this original accessory please you for a long time!

Thanx to for the idea.


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