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How to grow ORANGE TREE just from seed!

I have always wanted to grow a fragrant and bright citrus tree at home. But, unfortunately, those several times when I bought it myself or someone gave it to me, it hasn't taken root. Since then, every time I pass in supermarkets or flower shops by pots with lemon, tangerine or orange trees, I can barely hold back and not buy another one, remembering the previous bad experiences. Now I know how to take care of such plants, but anyway pass by them in stores.

Firstly, the price on such trees is high enough, and secondly, I have learned to grow my own ones! Do you want to try as well? 
Then, you have to take: 
- an orange (with seeds) 
- a piece of cheesecloth 
- a yogurtcup 
- soil 
- water 
- plastic bags 
- lot of sunlight 
- and also lot of your love and care
 Let's begin! 
After you have eaten an orange, gather seeds into a pile. Among them select the most plump ones, and throw away the flat ones. Now soak a piece of cheesecloth, and wrap the seeds with it and then put it into the yogurtcup an cover with the plastic bag. Thus you will make some kind of a "greenhouse" for sprouting the seeds. Put the yogurtcup in a warm place with lot of sunlight and check every 2-3 days if the cheesecloth is wet. Seeds have to take roots about on the 3-6 week. When the roots will be about 1-2 cm, plant the seeds carefully in soil to a depth of 1,5 cm. Be careful to not damage the roots. Spray the sprouts and keep the cup in a place with lot of sunlight. After the second pair of leaves appear, you can transplant the plant into a bigger pot. Since the bush is growing quickly, you will need to transplant it into bigger pots every 6 months. It loves water and sunlight.

After some time, your tree will get used to room conditions, and after a couple of years it will even fructify!

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