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Wooden Decoration for Kitchen!

2 November 2016
Julia G
Julia G

This wonderful wooden handicraft can decorate any corner of your kitchen and give comfort to any room. Making it is very simple. You can also use it as a gift for your friends to a housewarming party, for your mother or granny.
It looks like a real design product, and no one will ever guess that you made it out of such simple materials and that it took you just a couple of minutes) In addition, on the same principle, you can easily make other interesting and original handmade souvenirs.


- A woodcut (you can also use plywood)
- A pencil
- A black marker or acrylic paint
- Black thread
- Small nails.

First you need to draw on the woodcut two sketches in the form of a spoon and a fork, using a pencil, and then outline them, using a black marker or acrylic paint.

Then you need to hammer small nails along the contours of figures and then pull the thread on them (in a chaotic manner, so that it looks more interesting).
Done! Look, how easy it is to make such a minimalistic and unique decoration!
Good luck!

Thanks for the idea to https://vk.com/away.php?to=htt...