How to sew a linen bag

Summer is coming and I want to design something beautiful for myself. I have chosen the linen bag, as I may wear it both with my casual looks, and with the beachwear. Below you can find out how to make a handmade bag:

For this bag, you will need a cut of fabric of 70 cm with a standard width of 145 cm;

Thick threads numbered 40, 50, or 20 (if the fabric is very rough);

A zipper;

A strip of non-linen with a width of 7-8cm;


Wooden beads for decoration;

The sewing machine.


You have to cut out the details: a trapezoid with a base of 40 cm, a vertex of 28 cm, sides of 25 cm - for two parts of the sides of the bag.

Rectangle 10x40 cm - for two handles.

Note: This handmade bag does not (take into account) the allowances for seams, and you will need to make them. For the base (the broad side) of the trapezium you should make an allowance of 10 cm. For the other sides the allowances of 1,5 cm will be enough.

Sweep the side seams of the trapezoid and sew together the parts of its vertices (it will be a bottom of the bag). Turn away the allowances on the seams in the upper part (we made the allowances 10 cm). Glue the non-woven fabric with an iron.

Attach a zip fastener on the lapel of the top and turn the bag face up. Fold the bottom on the principle of the envelope. Raise the corners up and sew with secret stitches.

Stich the stripes for the handles on the long sides, putting a thin strip of non-woven fabric over one of them. Turn the knobs outward and stick each handle on the front side with a decorative welt. Sew the ready-made handles on the top of the bag, attaching them from inside. If you wish, you can decorate this handmade bag with the wooden beads or shells, it will look nice. By avoid decoration with bright stresses, stones as it will look to rough.

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