Ideas for a bathroom mat

Bathroom mat from sea pebbles

You can make a beautiful bath mat from the usual sea peddles. For this handmade project you will need an old bathroom mat and silicone glue. Choose the smooth sea pebbles for this handmade project.  A mat with sea pebbles will be quite heavy. If the bathroom mat is too big, you can just cut it. And the glue should be strong enough. Be patient, as you need to lay and glue the pebbles one by one. Yet, when the work is finished, it will be your favorite thing. Very simple and very pretty!

Bathroom mats from cloth rag

I liked these colorful mats made of cloth rugs. . The cost of materials for such handmade mat will be quite low. You may use the old T-shirts for this rug. They may be old, but still colorful. You need to cut them on flaps of identical size, but the length of the flap should be double length of the pile on mat.


Cloth rugs (better to use jersey)

Large plastic mesh or loose fabric like burlap;

Crochet hook;

Sewing thread and needle;

Cloth for decorating the inside of the rug (best rubberized);


You will need a net for the base of the mat. You will tie cloth rugs to the net, the net for this work can be bought in any construction shop. Adjust the net to the size of your future mat adding 2-3 cm on allowances for each side. Then take a crocket, poll the cloth rug through the hole and tie the end of the rug. This is the description of work for whole mat, continue work in a chess order.

When all cloth rags are attached, fold the edges of the net and sew the allowances. You will also need to make the back side of the mat. So, lay out the mat of fabric, circle its contour with a marker or crayon, and cut the fabric. Iron the fabric and carefully sew to a rug mat.

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