Sophie Powell

How To Make Bow Ties

The bow tie has been in fashion for many seasons. It can show the mood, sense of humor and style of its owner. If you want a unique bow tie, make it yourself. In this tutorial we will teach you how to make a DIY bow tie.

To sew a bow tie we need:

  • sewing machine;
  • iron;
  • ruler;
  • 20 cm (8 inches) of fabric (this is the minimum that you can buy in a store; select a piece of suiting or cotton fabric);
  • thread matching your fabric;
  • fasteners for bow ties;
  • fabric marker or special chalk;
  • interfacing or other lining fabric to make your bow tie keep its shape.

Tip: you would hardly find fasteners for bow ties in the shop, so it's easier to buy a set for bras, namely a frame and a hook. Ideally, the fastener should measure 2 cm (0.8 inch), so that you could move it along the fabric.

To begin with, cut the fabric into pieces of:

  • 6×4 (2.3 x1.6 inches);
  • 50×5 (20x2 inches);
  • 25×13(10x5 inches).

Then fold them and iron to make it easier to sew.

Sew the 50 cm long piece; it will make the bow tie’s belt.

Now fold and sew the 25 cm long piece. If you decide to use interfacing, put on the fabric the piece of 25x6.5 cm (10x2.5) , the relief side inside, and iron it.

Then fold it and put the ends together. Sew them together. Fold this part of the bow tie in a way that the seam is located on the backside and won’t show.

Connect all the pieces that we got. Put the main part on the belt, and attach it to the piece that we have already ironed, but haven’t used yet.

Sew all the pieces together with needle and thread, holding the bow tie and giving it the desired shape. Sew fasteners using hand stitches.

Spread your bow tie and it is finished!

You can decorate it with accessories.


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