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How To Make A Drawstring Bag

Fashionable designers inspire us with creativity. And this bag is not an exception. Now we will tell in more detail how to sew a tiny drawstring bag.

For that it will be necessary for us:

  • print material — 3 meters (for exterior and internal finish of a bag);
  • material from cotton — 3 meters;
  • a decorative lace — 1 meter;
  • marking handle;
  • two plugs;
  • scissors, needles and others.

With a marking handle it is necessary to draw on print material two circles, with a radius of 51 cm (you can change the size of a bag, having made it smaller or bigger than our sizes). Also draw on cotton material one circle with a radius of 51 cm. Thereby, it will give us a strong bottom, and also will give the form of our bag.

By scissors it is cut accurately out three circles. Also there is a simpler way. It is necessary to cut out one circle with a radius of 51 cm. Curtail the cut-out circle in half and once again in half, so that an arch has turned out. Further, lean the arch against fabric and to lead round a marking handle. Now it is necessary to cut out circles on the template. Then open all arches, finally also three circles with a radius of 51 cm have turned out.

Make a thong for a bag from remained material. For this purpose cut out from material a strip of long 1 m 7 cm, and 13 cm wide (the thong can be other size, it depends on you and your taste).

This strip is necessary to put that it has turned out seamy side to back. It is necessary to iron our thong.

We do that so edges weren't wrapped, and it was convenient to stitch. Slightly sprain ends of the strip, stitch both accurately and exactly. Then turn and sew both parties.

With a marking handle mark a point on the circle from seamy side of material, 3 cm from above. From the made point mark 2 cm aside and make a point there. Thus, at us two points in which there will be a plug have turned out.

Install plugs accurately.

Now it is necessary to sew all circles together. Before sewing together, it is necessary to smooth these circles with a hot iron.

After have smoothed circles, it is necessary to stitch the first seam, That is we recede from edge of a circle 4 cm. The seam has to be equal and accurate.

Sew a belt to our tiny handbag. By means of the marking handle mark the place where the belt will be sewn.

Now it is necessary will work a little in order that the bag looked accurately. The belt is sewn to a circle, now it is necessary to make the second seam in order that edges of the bag have been sprained and a sewn belt wasn't visible.

Recede from the first seam 2 cm and slightly turn in tips of material. Further, everything y is accurately sewn, so that both seams were each other parallel. As have already guessed, between seams a decorative cord will be stretched.

It is necessary to take a decorative lace of any color. On this model, we used white color. On one end attach a pin, for this purpose that it was convenient to push between seams. You stick one end of a cord in one plug and you pull out from another plug.

After have passed a decorative cord throughout plugs it is necessary to stick on both ends of a rope small knots. We do that in order that tips of a decorative lace haven't crept away. Small knots on lace tips look very interesting.

Now our drawstring bag is ready to use.


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