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How To Make A Paracord Belt

This is a step-by-step masterclass on “How to make a paracord belt out of a cord or yarn with your own hands”. Using the same instruction, you can make a bracelet, a headband, a cord for your bag etc.

How To Weave A Belt Out Of Paracord

In order to weave a belt with your own hands you’ll need:

  • A skein of yarn;
  • A cord/yarn/cloth: the length is approximately 30 m.;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue, matches/a lighter or a sewing machine;
  • An elastic rubber band.

Instruction On How To Weave A Belt With Your Own Hands

1. To start with, you should choose the material for your future belt. In our case we use a cord. You may also weave a belt out of yarn or make templates out of a piece of cloth. using a thin yearn you may weave a nice looking bracelet or a headband.

The length of the cord in our case is almost 30 m. Consequently the length of the ready article will be approximately 90 cm.

Cut the required length off the chosen material. You’d better cut off a piece of the material with an allowance. Then fasten it in a knot-like way on the buckle. In order to do it you need to fold the material twice strictly along its center. On the picture, you can see the way it’s done.

2. Measure out a required length of the belt and fasten on this place the opposing part of the cord by wrapping it around any appropriate for it item. After that, fixate this end of the cord with the elastic rubber band or with a thread. This way it will be easier for you to weave the belt later on.

3. Get 2 ends of the cord back through the buckle, the way it is shown on the second picture. Pay attention to the fact that one end of the cord should be above the buckle and the other one underneath.

As a result, you should get a template that includes 4 fixated threads and 2 free threads (the ends of the cord). These ends will intertwine all the rest threads.

4. Start weaving. The process is quite easy: Get each of the cord’s ends one after another around 2 main, fixated threads. Get the first end underneath and then above the side thread. Do the same for the second end.

5. Holding the main threads, move the loops you got on the previous stage in the direction of the buckle. Pull and move them until you get a tight weaving.

6. Now it’s necessary to exchange the cord’s ends with each other. Without doing it, you won’t be able to weave further. One end (the one that at the start was underneath the buckle) get above the nearest side cord, then, underneath 2 middle cords and get it to the other side above the opposing side end.

Do the same for the second cord’s end. This time, you need to get it underneath the side threads and above the middle ones.

7. Move the loops in the direction of the buckle. This time, you shouldn’t tie them too tightly. If the weaving is too tight, you won’t be able to buckle the belt on.

8. Continue weaving. Repeat the stages 4-7 until you get to the end of the belt. After that, cut off the threads and use a lighter to fixate the threads so that they don’t crumble. You may use glue to do it. If you use yarn or a piece of cloth, stitch the edges up on a sewing machine.


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