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How To Make Barefoot Sandals

To make a leg bangle, you will need the following:

  • decorative pendants;
  • beads;
  • a leather strap;
  • a chain;
  • connection rings;
  • wire-cutters;
  • round nose pliers.

Make A Lovely Beach Leg Bangle On Your Own

1. Select identical connectors for future bangles and their desired disposition, but after that, measure and cut the necessary length of the chain, having turned it around a finger (watch a video-masterclass).

2. Fix the chain with help of a connection ring on the connector.

3. Attach pendants to the ready-made beads (One can make beads on one`s own, using a thin rubber band and any beads, it will be even more interesting, as one can invent combinations for one`s own taste), as you wish. Use round nose pliers and connection rings for it too.

4. Put beads on your leg, having turned them sufficient number of times (it depends on the length of the drawn bijou). Decorate them with a thin leather strap.

5. Measure lengths of chains from the connector to beads (to the center and on both sides) and cut off necessary parts.

Fix ends on the pendant with help of connection rings. Try to solidly clamp rings, but do it carefully without deforming their form.

6. Fix upper chains in right places between beads. In addition, place the central one over the leather strap.

That`s it.


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